Fix for Electronic Cigarette Tasting Light or Harsh

Often we get asked this question which is ‘why my ecig tastes very light’ or ‘why my electronic cigarette tastes very harsh’. This is not uncommon to find yourself in this situation when you get started with vaping. There are several factors that are responsible for a light or harsh vape, from the eLiquid contents to depending on the device setup you’ve got.

How eLiquid effects your vape
Often the contents of the elquid are responsible for producing a light or harsh vape, with the sub factor being the nicotine level in the liquid you are using. We suggest beginners should start with a medium level of nicotine from 10-12mgs to start with. If you find this level weak or harsh you can always switch to a lower or higher nicotine level. Another factor is the flavouring as some flavours come out stronger than others, so for example a 6mg Menthol eLiquid will taste as strong as a 12mg tobacco eLiquid. Having too much or too little flavouring can also effect the throat hit, therefore it’s absolutely essential that you buy from trusted eLiquid suppliers.

How a device setup effects your vape
There is a good reason there are so many different variations of electronic cigarettes available today as the vaping experience changes completely based on the fact that how a device utilises the eLiquid from wicking to vapourising and mixing vapour with air through the airholes in the atomizer. The vapour intensity also increases when you vape on a device that utilises a higher voltage level and by having bigger batteries. Often vapers who like intense vapour and flavour rely on direct dripping and essentially use unregulated mechanical mods with dripping atomisers that bring out an intense vapour. If you like the idea of direct dripping but do not like harsh hitting vapour then you should opt for a direct dripping atomizer that provides airflow control. If you vape on atomizer with smaller airholes for example 1mm – would give you a tighter air draw and result in a harsh hitting vapour whereas if your atomizer has bigger airholes over 2mm then you will get a wide opn draw mixed with plenty of air to reduce the vapour intensity.

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