Getting very little or harsh throat hit?

Often we get asked by our customers and fellow vapers why they get a very harsh or weak throat hit from their vape? Now there are several aspects to this problem. There are two main areas to breakdown this problem. The first being the eLiquid you are vaping and secondly the device setup you are vaping it on.

Whats throat hit
For those of you who are starting out and find yourself in a situation whereby you get a very strong or weak sensation down your throat while vaping then its called ‘throat hit’. It can be a problem if it does not deliver the desired level of sensation either weak or strong. Most ex smokers face this problem as they are accustomed to a certain level or throat hit from their tobacco cigarettes and they are trying to achieve the same from an eLiquid to satisfy their taste buds.

eLquid can give harsh or weak throat hit
The nicotine level in an eLiquid is the main factor responsible for producing throat hit. The higher the nicotine level – the higher throat hit you will get. If you do not want high nicotine but want a stronger throat hit then there are several additives available that can help achieve a higher level of throat hit. The most commonly used additive is ‘BiteExtra’ from FlavourArt which comes with/without nicotine that can be used to increase the throat hit.

Your Setup

Your device setup can be responsible for harsh or weak throat hit
If you are certain that your eLiquid has the right amount of nicotine and throat hit additives then perhaps its your device setup producing a low/high throat hit. If you are direct dripping or vaping on a low ohm coil you will get a harsher throat hit. Often a good setup of coils can also lose its place and the ohm levels can drop/increase which again can change the throat hit. Once you have determined that the bad throat hit is due to the coils setup then perhaps you should replace the coils on your tank.

Battery level responsible for throat hit
Another reason for a drop in throat hit is due to the voltage/wattage settings on your device. Vaping on higher voltage/wattage levels can produce a stronger throat hit. Similarly a drop in battery power can also reduce the throat hit.

Get a Multimeter
Investing in a good multimeter is a must for every vaper. We recommend getting a generic multimeter tester (not atomizer ohms tester) which can he helpful in checking ohms on your atomizers and batteries. Whereas an atomizer ohms tester can not be used to check the power left in your batteries.

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