What are Drip Tips and How to Use Them?

If you are new to vaping then you might hear a lot of new terminologies that can confuse you. A drip is commonly referred to the mouth piece section of an atomizer which simply facilitates the air draw from an atomizer and also serves as a decorative accessory.

What are they made of?
A drip tip can be made of different materials such as stainless steel, titanium, aluminum, chrome plated copper, acrylic, perspex or perhaps plastic. The prices of these drip tips vary largely depending on the materials used, quality of the finish and so forth.

What is the function of a drip tip?
All drip tips have the one common function – to supply the vapour emerging from an atomizer. Now the atomizer can be in cartomizer, dripper or a standard tank. Another important function of a drip tip is to prevent the hot vapour from burning which is most often considered on an advanced stage of vaping such as direct dripping etc whereby an atomizer can get extremely hot and cause burns.

Do they fit all atomizers and tanks?
The majority of the drip tips sold today are mainly of two different types being; drip tips for CE tanks for eGo devices mainly or drip tips for all standard 510 atomizers and tanks such as the VIVI Nova, DCT Tanks, SMOK F Series Tanks and dripping atomizers such as the iGo L, SMOK Scar etc. If a drip tip is made to fit on a CE type tank then it won’t fit a regular cartomizer or atomizer tank.

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Drip Tip for CE Type Tanks

Drip Tips for Standard 510 Atomizers and Tanks

Amongst the two types the standard 510 drip tips are more popular as these can fit the majority of tanks, RBAs, RDAs and attys and so forth.

At Real Vapes we stock a number of different drip tip styles which not only look funky but some of them have some special features such as the long barrel drip tip is most suitable for chain vaping to prevent the drip tip from getting too hot etc. or the standard stainless steel drip tips that come in various designs and styles to suit your mood.

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